Products we offer

Global Room - رسالة لجميع الغرف

You can send a message to all rooms or to each room separately

custom emoji - اضافة وتعديل سمايلات

Easily add and delete smiles and modify them

send voice news and private

Send an audio recording in the private chat and in the news, follow the installation method with a file install.txt

Profile Like

Like a profile Features: Dashboard for the most liked people Control who can like the profile You do not need to modify any file

cam and mic live

Enjoy video and audio chat inside chat We have integrated camera and mic inside codychat

Gifts v2.0

You can upload unlimited gifts and give them a price, name and image in a beautiful and smooth way

الرسالة المميزة - special message

ارسال رسالة مميزة بالدردشة العامة تظهر مع حركة جميلة-Send a special message in a public chat that appears with a nice movement

اضافة زوار وهميين - Add fake visitors

تساعدك هذه الاضافة على انشاء زوار وهميين حسب الغرفة التي تختارها ويمكنك حذفهم فيما بعد ا

style room

You can set the chat color by room and you can add a custom background and locate it smoothly and attractively

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