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Products we offer

User Gold

You can control the user gold

User Move

You can move a user from one room to another : You can make the transfer mandatory if you have aps_prison_room

Prison room

New members are transferred to a room from which they will not be able to leave You can also reserve any member you want inside the prison room, even if he is not a new member

Gif Avatar

Uploading an avatar with multiple extensions and the gold member will be deducted after uploading the image

Font Control

Change the chat font type, chat color, and font size - They are stored inside the cache for higher speed

Chat stories

Add stories within the chat

User Rating v1.0

users profile ratings

Random notification v1.0 - cron

Sending random notifications using cron

Top Like v1.0

Most liked

Top Gold v1.0

List of most owned gold

External Links v1.0

Protection against fraud to divert visitors to external links

top gifts v1.0

The highest recipient of a gift will be displayed in relation to the price of the gift in gold

iframe to list v2.0

You can easily add an iframe to the More list within the chat

swipe v2.0

Swiping from right to left opens the userlist, and swiping from left to right opens the room list. It works smoothly only on mobile devices.

RSS feeds v2.0

You can add sites that support RSS to display their articles within the chat

Play Music v2.0

Free introduction from the wonderful person: masterkraze

Tic Tac Toe - v2.0

Played by two chat members

send notifications v2.0

You can send notifications easily with this addon

ChatGPT v2.0

This service provided by openAI is not free but its prices are cheap You can buy a private key for this addon It is very beautiful The system automatically stores all questions and answers to reduce inquiries and loss of money You can also add questions and answers

Style Room v2.0

This is amazing: You will not need to purchase any theme after purchasing this You can change the public chat background change the background of the user list and also change the color of the icons and change the chat color all within these addon

SEO page v2.0

You wont need to access files and create new and complex archive pages From here you can create amazing archive pages You can change the page design as you like and create many pages each one in a different way Follow the picture to see everything

Featured Message v2.0

Using your gold, you can send a unique message that will appear distinctly within the public chat

Disable F12 v2.0

Playing with your chat is disabled by turning off F12 the browser

auto Language v2.0

The time zone and language are automatically determined for visitors when they enter for the first time, and the data is not updated again.

name animation v2.0

username animtion

welcome bot v2.0

Welcome message for new members

boom embed

Embed your chat

Store Gold v2.0

The box/profile.php file is replaced with a new file within the plugin files

QR profile v2.0

The Qr code directs you to the link to the member’s personal file, and also when you copy the link and open it, it directs you to the member’s personal file.

create avatar v2.0

This addon enables you to change your avatar with more than 8 million changing images

Staff List v2.0

Displays all your staff in one list

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